Nice to meet you.

I'm Claire. I'm inspired by people, nature, history, light, and authentic moments. I'd love to be your photographer.


You are totally awesome; I can already tell. You're just as happy getting out into the world to experience life through travel and adventure as you are sprawling on the couch to read a book or watch Netflix. You love the mountains. You're all about living true. You might geek out a little over good design and photography. You value quality where it matters. Your wedding is going to be a beautiful reflection of your love, and a joyful opportunity to celebrate with your favorite people in the world.


My philosophy: Photography is not my passion. Life is my passion. I don't do this because I believe that it's my calling to brandish a camera. I do it because life, love, and relationships are what make our fleeting time here beautiful, and photography allows me to capture and share that beauty with others.

I studied photography in school and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts because I wanted to learn everything there was about the craft and technique. But I also studied Anthropology because I love learning about people, cultures, and rites of passage - the things that tie us all together.

My photography is about what matters most in life: the moments we collect and the people we share them with. I believe that by photographing the crinkly smiles, tearful vows, and jumping-up-and-down-with-excitement-because-you-just-married-your-best-friend moments, I can help bring people together and remind us of the love and joys we share.

I make timeless images about life and love.


Sound like a match made in heaven? Get in touch!

I'd love to hear all about what makes your world go 'round. We can squeal over your wedding plans and trade details about favorite hikes, podcasts, and books. 

These are the things that make my world go 'round:

  • my partner in all things, co-conspirator, and the love of my life: Andy
  • hot tea on cold mornings (jasmine green tea or a london fog, to be precise)
  • daydreaming, usually about floorplans for the house I'm going to build when I grow up - or about never having a house and just traveling instead
  • eclectic vocabulary
  • being outside, whether it's hiking and climbing around the mountains, going on road trips with Andy, or traveling somewhere completely new
  • audio books and NPR podcasts
  • freshly baked croissants, preferably eaten in Paris (my birthplace and first home)
  • lists
  • making beautiful things
  • love stories, especially those I get to tell through photography