Here's the thing...

As wonderful as digital images are, you're not very likely to be whipping out your flash drive in fifty years to show your grandkids photos from your wedding. Digitals are great for short term sharing, but not for long term enjoyment of your wedding memories.

You want something real and physical. You want something you can hold in your hands, flip through, remember moments, and tell stories over. You want an album.

The albums I offer are beautiful and durable. They are professionally printed on archival photo paper, and they come in a multitude of cover materials and colors to perfectly match your style. My albums also have flushmount pages, which means that they can open flat without any creasing or damage to the spine. 

All of my albums are handmade in the US using sustainably sourced materials.

Heirloom Album

These handmade albums are the perfect high-end wedding album. They can be bound in a variety of cover materials and colors, including silk, leather, linen and suede. They have thick flush mount pages, and a window-cut cover.


10x10 inches   -   30 pages

Additional pages $15 each


Art Book Album

These classic and elegant books have slimmer pages than the Heirloom Album, and are available in the same materials and colors.


8x8 inches   -   30 pages

Additional pages $10 each